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    Suitable for filling any flow able liquid specially the products like lassi, milk, juice, water & non-carbonated beverage.
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    Capacities starting from 200 LPH TO 20,000 LPH.
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    Manufacturer of Vertical/Horizontal Insulated Stainless Steel Storage Tanks as well
    as Dimple Jacketed Tanks Suitable for Circulation of Steam / Hot Water / Cold water.
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    Automatic CIP, Semi Automatic CIP & Manual CIP
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    Pioneers in manufacturing the Low and High Shear Blending & Mixing Vessels / Tanks in Food & Pharma Industries.

About Us

VED Engineering is one of the largest suppliers of technology for the food processing industry and for a wide range of other process industries being dairy,pharma and beverage industries.VED Engineering provides comprehensive process and project solutions under one roof with in-house equipment manufacturing process automation facilities,which is best in class.

Automatic Cup Flilling Machine-Single Head

1200 Cups/Hr.
No cup no fill
No cup no lid
No lid no seal
PLC based controls with MMI for controls & production details
Cup conveyor for cup unloading

Our Products

Filling Machinery

All-Fill liquid filling machines combine precision, speed and versatility in liquid filling technology designed for liquids, pastes, creams and other viscous products. Our line of liquid filling machines come in a variety of sizes: from tabletop machines for small containers, to heavy-duty equipment designed for high-speed, high-cycle rate dispensing. Liquid filling machines feature various nozzle

Tanks & Vessels

We  manufacture Vertical / Horizontal Insulated Stainless Steel storage Tanks as well as Dimple Jacketed tanks suitable for circulation of steam / hot water / Cold water. The dimpled Jacket is manufactured from Stainless Steel SS 304 is suitable for working at maximum 6 Bar with Test pressure of 9 Bar .

 These tanks can be with conical top and bottom or with slopped Bottom or with

Dairy Machinery

Ved Engineering has emerged  as a reliable front runner in the manufacture and supply of complete range of equipment for dairy industry.
Ved Engineering provides turnkey solutions for the dairy industry.
Dairy plants are found all over the world, but because their sizes and the types of manufactured products vary tremendously, it is hard to give general characteristics. The dairy indust

Juice & Beverage Machinary

VED Engineering is leading manufacturer of best in class equipment for fruit & milk based beverages,carbonated soft drinks(CSD),NCD,raw fruit handling & fruit pulp processing & packaging equipment.

Ice Cream Plants

We manufacture, commission and offer the installation of ice cream plants and they can produce cream line capacity from 100 liters/shift to 1000 liters/shift. They include batch pasteurizer milk pump, homogenizer, plate type chiller, and aging vat etc.We provide the plants to all leading ice cream manufacturers and at competitive prices.

Our Clients

The Client experience is the subsequent ambitious battlefield.

What the clients say

  • Prompt service, great prices, very knowledgeable- a real pleasure doing business with Ved Engineering.

    - Mr. Shukla,GM-,Emami
  • I have been using Ved Engineering for over 3 years, during this time they have provided me with excellent quality service and pricing. Their knowledge of plate and frame exchangers has been very helpful to me.

    - Mr. Naseem,Technical Head,-,Dabur
  • We have enjoyed a long association with Ved Engineering, their ability to advise and respond to our requirements is a credit to their professionalism and dedication to our needs.

    - Mr. Mukesh Tyagi,DGM Maintainance-,Patanjali