Juice Pasteurizer

It consists of:-

-Fully automatic with provision to fill past.juice at higher temp.

-The juice pasteurizer are supplied on skid mounted modular units designed on the basis of p[lug and play

-The juice pasteurizer are supplied with manual controls for cost effective purpose

-In case of special application such as coconut water the pasteurizer is designed on the basis of multi-section and high heat regeneration.

-The temp. controllers are based on latest microprocessors based technology designed for controlling the pasteurisation temp. to the accuracy of 0+0.5 degree celcius/

-Our system uses hot water as heating media to pasteurize the juice.However the provision is made to utilize steam to generate hot water for this purpose.

-The steam flow control valve used in our system for controlling the pasteurization temp. is provided with I2P converter and positioner.

-In some cases we also provide control panel with built in 3 nos. of motor starters so that customer is able to manage the same without making any changes in existing system.

-Provision of CIP cleaning is provided.

-On special request system is provided with PLC controllers.
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