Food Processing Machinary

We specialize in manufacturing plant and equipment for manufacturing Jam & Ketchup, Tomato Pure, Fruit Juice Concentration Unit, Ready to eat food processing equipment such as Pressure Cooker, Vegetable & Fruit sorting Conveyor as well as Fruit and Vegetable Washers.

Pressure Cooker For Ready To Eat Foods

Our Pressure Cookers for ready to eat food industries are quite popular and is being used by various ready to eat food manufacturers.

The salient features are:
All pressure cookers are designed for tilt-able arrangement
so that to facilitate unloading of boiled food.

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Fruit & Vegetable Washer

The major features of our Fruit and Vegetable washer are:

Single washer is suitable for Fruits, Vegetables as well as leafy Vegetables. No Change part Required.
Continuous operation with low consumption of Water.
The Movement of vegetables / fruits in the washer Tank is thru Water flow having turbulence thru air.
The Final washing is done on the discharge conveyor with

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Boiling Pans & Kettles

We manufacture the Boiling pans and Kettles used in Food & Pharma Industries.

The following type of boiling Pans / kettles are manufactured.

Tilt-able Boiling Pans having small capacity having volume of up to 500 Ltrs having hemispherical bottom suitable for Heating with Stem / Hot liquid. These Pans are

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Plate Heat Exchangers

We manufacturing the Plate Heat Exchangers specially the PHE used in Food & pharma Industries.

The Plate Heat Exchangers manufactured are by using the Plates of various major Brands. The PHE are:

Single Section with SS clad frame having terminal connections terminating with SMS / IDF / Din / Triclover fittings.

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Fruit & Vegetable Sorting Conveyor

We also manufacture tailor made sorting cum material handling conveyors for Foods Products / Fruits & vegetables.

The Conveyor manufactured by us are of of SS 304 / SS 316 with Food quality belts. In some case the SS wire knit conveyors are also used depending upon the requirement

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