Ice-Cream Cup/Cone Filling Machine

Code: VCFM-200-PLC

Our filling machine can fill varieties of Ice Cream
such as plain or with Ingredients or with Ripple using required attachments
offered with the machine.


Minimum 1500 Cups / Cones per Hour of 100 ml
suitable for

150 liter / hour freezer

Maximum 2000 Cups / Cones per Hour of 100 ml
suitable for 200 liter / hour freezer

All contact parts are of SS-304 or food grade

Model VCFM-200-PLC is fully automatic machine having following operations:

Dispensing of cups automatic.(dispensing of cones

Cone expansion

Chocolate spray in biscuit cones

Filling of ice-cream into cups / cones

Top filling with chocolate or fruit syrup

Dry nut sprinkling

Card board lid dispenser

Closing of cones

Ejecting of the finished cones or cups

Advantage of PLC:

Important feature of plc is that automatic shift
register function i.e. no cone no lid, hence we can save raw material &
compressed air too

Technical Data :

Filling quantity: 50 ml minimum and up to 200 ml.

Speed variator : ac frequency drive

PLC make : Siemens make plc

Machine output : up to 2000 cups/cones per hour

Round cup: max. dia = 80 mm, height = 75 mm

Round cone: max. dia = 60 mm, height = 150 mm

Power requirement : 0.5 hp motor, cycle : 50 htz,
440 volt, 3 phase

Air supply : 1000 liter/minute at 6 kg


All the pneumatic components are pneumax/SMC make

Air compressor will not to be supply with machine

Dry and moisture free air required for machine

The design & specifications of the machine
illustrated herein are subject to change without notice.

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